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The Art of training depends on the combination of the Equipment and the Training. Access to the best equipment without the right training may yield nothing. With the right know how, even basic equipment can yield great results.
At Steel we pride in having the best of both. Exhaustive list of handpicked, world class equipment, some even custom made, and the most knowledgeable team to yield them.

  • Dexa Scan – Gold Standard in Whole Body Fat and Muscle Testing.
  • Blood Testing – No more guessing.
    “You deserve to see results Inside Out” – Kunal Gir


  Largest Single Floor Gyms.

  • Largest Gyms in India.
  • Walk in and feel the S P A C E.
  • Who doesn’t like space?
  • Space to breath. Space to stretch.
  • Space to be just yourself.
  • No one breathing down your neck.


Private and Crowd Free

We keep our centers crowd free and private.
We don’t over commit our trainers with too many clients.
Neither do we overwhelm the facility with

too many members.
Lesser workload means more attention and faster results.
No more waiting for equipment, waiting for trainer, and most importantly no more waiting for Results.
Extra care is taken to pamper all your needs.
Valets to bring you coffee pre-workout, help rerack weights when you kill your last rep, get your protein shake when you finish training, keep your clothes ironed while you shower and the list goes on.

We want you to feel that

your whole life just got better!


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A restaurant in which customers serve themselves from a counter and pay before eating.