Steel Café

Scrambled Egg (4 Eggs)

Farm Fresh Eggs.

Fats-6 g Fiber-0 g
Protein-24 g Carbohydrates-2 g
Plain - 250 Vegetable - 300 Egg White - 300

Paya Soup

Slow cooked lamb trotters in Indian spices. Gut healing superfood.

Fats-5 g Fiber-0 g
Protein-10 g Carbohydrates-0 g

Italian Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

Chicken breast marinated in Italian herbs, slow cooked on a grill. Served with a side of cauliflower mash.

Fats-20 g Fiber-2 g
Protein-37 g Carbohydrates-5 g

Confit Chicken with vegetables

Chicken breast with skin on, soaked in herb infused olive oil for 48 hours, grilled on a hot plate and tossed in black pepper sauce. Served with a side of exotic vegetables

Fats-22 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-48 g Carbohydrates-5 g

Mutton Keema with Keto Paratha

Lean mutton mince cooked in Indian spices, served with keto almond flour paratha and green salad.

Fats-25 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-24 g Carbohydrates-5 g

Tandoori Chicken Breast with Veggies

Chicken breast marinated in greek yoghurt and Indian spices served with green salad and mint chutney. Choice of flavours - Afghani ( creamy sauce), Tandoori (red tandoori flavour), Kefir Lime

Fats-13 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-40 g Carbohydrates-5 g

Schezwan Tofu Skewers

Tofu, bell pepper and onion skewers, topped with spicy schezwan sauce.

Fats-25 g Fiber-4 g
Protein-16 g Carbohydrates-4 g

Fish Finger with Green Salad

Air fried or coconut oil deep fried, served with mayonaisse and house salad.

Fats-3 g Fiber-5 g
Protein-33 g Carbohydrates-10 g

Keto Pizza (6 Inch)

Almond flour base, cheesy and tangy sauce, topped with chicken breast/paneer. Guilt free keto pizza.

Fats-55 g Fiber-1 g
Protein-65 g Carbohydrates-8 g
Veg - 449 Chicken - 469 Mutton Kheema - 489

Almond Pratha

Keto friendly almond pratha.

Fats-17 g Fiber-4 g
Protein-6 g Carbohydrates-7 g

Keto Lasagna

Exotic creamy lasagna.

Fats-50 g Fiber-4 g
Protein-40 g Carbohydrates-9 g
Veg - 379 Chicken - 459

Chilly Prawn with Veggies

Prawn tossed in Shezwan sauce with exotic veggies.

Fats-16 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-39 g

Tandoori Paneer Tikka with Salad

Soft, succulent paneer marinated in hung yoghurt, kefir lime and Indian spices, served with salad and mint chutney. Choice of flavours - Afgani, kafeer, tandoori

Fats-40 g Fiber-5 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-3 g

Chicken Parmesana with Green Salad and Spicy Mayonnaise

Merinated in chef spl spices coat in Panko and psyllium husk deep frid in cold press coconut oil. Topping with tomato cansasse sauce and parmesan cheese baked in oven serve with salad and spicy mayonnnaise.

Fats-45 g Fiber-2 g
Protein-48 g Carbohydrates-10 g

Keto Ramen Bowl

Shirataki noodles, Japanese style tossed oriental vegetables braised in miso sauce.

Fats-19 g Fiber-4 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-8 g
Tofu - 469 Chicken - 489 Prawn - 529

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Marinated chicken wings fried in cold pressed coconut oil, tossed in cajun sauce served with muhammara dip and sald

Fats-40 g Fiber-2 g
Protein-35 g Carbohydrates-12 g

Palak Chicken with Almond Pratha and Green Garden Salad

Spinach Puree cooked in tangy Tomato gravy with Indian Spices. Finish off with cream serve with salad and almond pratha.

Fats-3.6 g Fiber-2.2 g
Protein-29 g Carbohydrates-8 g
Tofu - 459 Chicken - 469 Paneer - 459

Salmon Cold Platter

Smoked salmon, chicken salami, pickles, cheese & dip served with salad

Fats-26 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-30 g Carbohydrates-3 g

Sauté Veggies


Brown Rice

Fats-2 g Fiber-18 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-4 g

Lamb Stroganoff

Marinated and seared lamb chunks, cooked gently in lamb stock and finished off with red cooking wine, served with basmati rice and green salad.

Fats-28 g Fiber-2 g
Protein-26 g Carbohydrates-30 g

Black Currant Cheese Cake

Keto Friendly, sugarfree cheesecake.

Fats-35 g Fiber-0 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-4 g

Thai Curry(Green, Yellow, Red) with Brown Rice

Asian vegetables and paneer/choice of meat cooked in thick, creamy coconut milk and Thai spices, served with brown rice.

Fats-16 g Fiber-1 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-10 g
Tofu - 379 Chicken - 449 Prawn - 499

Protein Bar

No added sugar, protein bar with goodness of almond and dates.

Fats-16.8 g Fiber-7 g
Protein-23 g Carbohydrates-37.5 g

Smoked Salmon Salad

Atlantic smoked salmon ,Green salad with exotic vegetables

Fats-27 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-30 g Carbohydrates-4g


German speciality fermented raw cabbage.

Fats-0 g Fiber-2.9 g
Protein-1 g Carbohydrates-4g

Paneer Salad

Cottage cheese with Exotic Veggies in lemon Dressing.

Fats-50 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-18 g Carbohydrates-8g

Tuna Salad

Imported Tuna chunks with Exotic crunchy veggies in Lemon Dressing.

Fats-1.3 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-18 g Carbohydrates-0g

Tofu Salad

Grilled Tofu with crunchy veggies in Parmesan Dressing.

Fats-5 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-28 g Carbohydrates-5 g

Prawn Salad

Pan Tossed Prawn with crunchy veggies in Parmesan Dressing

Fats-16 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-25 g Carbohydrates-9 g

Chicken Salad

Merinated Grilled Chicken Mix With Crunchy Veggies in Lemon Dressing

Fats-13 g Fiber-3 g
Protein-32 g Carbohydrates-8g