Success Stories of Steel Gym

Suresh Seerna

*Suresh Seerna’s transformation story is nothing short of a miracle. Suresh started training with Kunal when he weighed a grand total of 133 Kilograms! And within 8 months, he successfully shed 88 Kilograms. The interesting bit about Suresh is that he walked through his fitness journey on a vegetarian diet, which was definitely not an easy feat. However, with hard work and dedication, Suresh proved that it is possible.
While the outward changes to his body are visible to everyone, the most encouraging transformation is that of his personality. He has gained a brand new sense of confidence and gave a solo dance performance at his friend’s Sangeet party, something he could never have the courage to do before. Inspiring stories like this are what make me love my job!

Saurabh Khetan

*Saurabh Khetan is a businessman who had come to Hyderabad to setup a factory. During his trip, he had gotten to witness Kunal training his clients. Impressed by the skill and finesse with which Kunal trained, Saurabh was keen to train with him as well. However, Saurabh only had three months to accomplish his goal. In addition, Saurabh is a vegetarian, which made the task even more challenging. However, protein shakes proved vastly helpful to work around his situation. Saurabh’s own dedication was a huge factor, as well. Infact, when he had to travel to Singapore on a business assignment, he was committed to his diet, by only consuming protein shakes for 7 days straight! Of course, this is not recommended for everyone, but Saurabh had to work around his dietary restrictions to ensure that he was getting his required protein. Saurabh now stays in Mumbai and still swears by Kunal’s training methods and advice.

Laxman Reddy

*Laxman Reddy is a competitive bodybuilder. He was first introduced to Kunal to buy supplements. When Kunal was training Rana Daggubati for an outdoor shoot in Italy, Laxman had called Kunal. He had gotten selected for Musclemania, a high profile bodybuilding event held at Las Vegas. He wanted Kunal to help him get ripped and stage ready in three months. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. The pictures above clearly show how well the Kunal’s transformation plan worked for Laxman, despite being such a short term program. Laxman won first in his division, which gave him tremendous recognition in Hyderabad. Thereafter, he was able to start his own successful personal training business. Infact, he currently trains actor Prabhas, a famous Tollywood actor. At Steel, we believe in more than just getting you a great body. We help you gain all the knowledge and expertise required in training your body yourself!

Badar Alam Khan

*When Badar Alam Khan first started approached Kunal for a body transformation, he was hardly eating two meals a day and was running ten kilometers every day! Despite this, he was unable to burn fat. He had already attempted training at various gyms across Mumbai and Hyderabad. However, most of the trainers he had approached insisted on a unhealthy cocktail of fat burners, pre workout drinks and so on, which affected him badly, even resulting in him experiencing anxiety attacks. All this and yet, no results. When Badar Alam finally approached to Kunal, he had made it very clear that he was not ready to take any supplements, even not as much as a multi-vitamin. Kunal crafted an approach for him that excluded any and all supplements, even asking him to quit coffee. Unbelievably, four months later, Badar was able to achieve the physique he wanted. Encouraged by the positive results, he continues to train at Steel and not just that, his inspiration has led to his three brothers joining at Steel as well!

Kishen Lohiya

*Kishen Lohiya approached Kunal with a dream of attaining a six pack body one day. His dream transformed into reality in just 5 months!
Kishen is a vegetarian, except that he consumes eggs in his diet. Despite the limitations in the diet, he was able to see results quite soon.
Disclaimer: I don’t typically recommend an egg only diet, however, each client has their own unique dietary preferences or lifestyle choices, that make it imperative for me to work around them.

Nasr Alam Khan

*Nasr Alam Khan is a story of sheer dedication and willpower. When he first approached Kunal, he weighed a whopping 130 Kilograms. However, with Kunal’s training and by following a highly nutritious diet plan, he was able to drop 52 Kilograms in just eight months! More importantly, he was able to accomplish this without using any fat burners or supplements, other than the good old protein shake. Nasr excitedly continues to train at steel and maintains his weight loss very efficiently.