Definitive Guide to Lose Weight

Definitive Guide to Lose Weight

definitive guide to lose weight by steel gym hyderabad

The Definitive Guide to Losing Weight

Weight loss is probably one of the most trending topics across the world. However, there is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat. Let’s delve into what those difference are.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

Losing weight means losing any kind of weight, including muscle. This typically happens when people start doing a lot of high intensity cardio and cut back on almost all food. They have salads and fruit and end up burning a lot of muscle weight in the process. The reason for this is that when you deprive your body of protein and essential fats,your body has no tools to maintain muscle. And to top it off, when you run, your body needs to burn carbohydrates to fuel the high intensity and in its absence, will turn muscle into carbs. Hence, at the end of the process your body composition will not change much. That is, the ratio of muscle to fat will remain the same or even get worse, despite losing weight on the surface. Cardio is definitely a very important part of an effective fitness plan, bit should always be coupled with intensive weight training.

The best way to do cardio

If you are planning to do cardio after weight training, then don’t have a protein shake in between. Wait until you finish cardio and then have the shake. Having a shake before can impair the fat burning effects of cardio. It is advisable to separate cardio and weight training so you can derive the benefits of the muscle building shake immediately after the workout and do cardio at a separate time.
If you do cardio after eating carbohydrates, the body will preferentially burn those first and only then get to burning fat. That’s why, the best time to do cardio is on an empty stomach in the morning when your glycogen stores are the lowest and the body is forced to tap into fat reserves to fuel the cardio. You can also do cardio post workout. At both these times, your body has depleted circulatory carbohydrates and the next fuel source available would be stored body fat.

Sticking to a diet

The biggest challenge for most people trying to get fit is – sticking to the diet!
They say..” It’s too tough”
“I’m not used to this kind of food”
“It doesn’t taste good”
In my opinion, the problem with sticking to a diet is not physical, but more mental. For instance, there are countries where frogs are considered a delicacy! This clearly shows that taste is simply a matter of habit. People who have eaten junk all their life find healthy food boring. However, making healthy eating a habit slowly will definitely work to alter that mindset. Back in the day, I couldn’t eat eggs to save my life. And now? I can easily eat 45 eggs daily. Just like adjusting to a new job or a city can be hard in the beginning, if you keep at it, you will slowly start to adapt and even like it after a while! And all the positive results you gain from it, will only help motivate you to stick to the diet. Also, healthy food can be just as delicious, if you would just give it a fair chance.
Most importantly, think of food in terms of what it can do for your body. Taste should be a secondary factor. It is important to start eating for function and not for gluttony. Doing this will help your body and health take a giant leap towards progress. Be emotional about your body, not your food. You would never put cheat gas in your Ferrari, then why put trash into your body?
Your body is the only one you have – taking good care of it is critical!
Here is a sample fat loss diet that you can follow to kickstart healthy living.

The Easiest Fat Loss Diet

Meal 1 : Breakfast : Half Green Apple + 2 boiled eggs
Meal 2: Lunch : 1 cup drained baked beans + 1 brown bread toast
Meal 3: Tea Time : 1 handful boiled peanuts ( salted)