Elderly Strength Training

Elderly Strength Training

Feel Young and Energetic

With a unique and customized training regime designed for adults over the age of 50, Steel Gym’s exclusive Elderly Strength Training will make you feel young and energetic again. This strength training differs a lot in various aspects from the conventional strength training offered to younger people. The program features a variety of simple yet effective workout techniques that help you maintain essential bone mass, prevent muscle loss and counteracts the frailty that usually appear with ageing.

Smart Training – Special Care

The intensity of the training and workouts associated with it are toned down compared to the usual strength training program. We consider and take into account all the crucial health aspects of the individual before designing the strength training that is ideal for the person. The assigned personal trainer will supervise the training activities with extra care and ensure that it goes smoothly.

The training usually include:

  • Resistance exercises that prevent muscle loss and gain bone mass
  • Basic level workouts that strengthen your limbs, arms, shoulders, knees, and joints
  • Counseling on nutrition and diet along with precautionary measures to be taken 

Age is Just a Number

Yes! Steel Gym is here to help you prove that. Gone are the days where age determines your physical strength and resistance power. This unique program by Steel Gym will not only help you build strength but also prevent the onset of many ailments such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Diabetes, and most importantly Cardiovascular diseases.

Join the exclusive Elderly Strength Training program now. Get in touch with our expert trainer and discover the road to that ‘back to young and energetic feel’!