About Steel Gym

Steel isn’t just your regular everyday gym. Yes, we have the best facilities and equipment you will find in all of the city of Hyderabad, all spanning over a whopping 12000 sqft area. But, that’s not what we are most proud of. What truly sets us apart is the scientific approach we take towards fitness and the unbelievable results our clients have achieved from it. Our goal isn’t just to give you a great body - it is to transform your mindset along with your body, so your mind is trained to give only the best to your health - in terms of your workout, the food you intake and your whole approach to physique transformation.

A Way of Life

Personal Training at Steel is not just a set of standard instructions telling you which exercises to do. It is way beyond that. We believe that the best kind of training is one where you get so good, that you don’t even need a trainer anymore. We are super proud of everyone that has trained with us and through sheer commitment, have seen amazing transformations.

About Trainers

For a revolution to happen, you need a super charged team. At Steel, we vehemently believe that our success only lies in results. This is why, we enforce excruciatingly rigorous standards in hiring personal trainers. All of our trainers have tremendous expertise in nutrition, customized training plan development, fitness assessments and exercise physiology. Every personal trainer we bring on board is also required to attend Kunal Gir’s Personal Trainer Certification course and pass the exam that follows it. So you can rest assured that your well being is in the hands of incredibly talented trainers.

Kunal's Portfolio


Md. Mehdi Khan
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Experience: 6 Years
Specializes in: Md.Mehdi Khan specializes in complete physique transformation. In his career spanning over 6 years, he has trained over 130 clients who have been able to successfully gain incredible physiques. Mehdi also has keen expertise in injury prevention.
Trained and Certified by Kunal Gir
Physique Elite Level-1 certified by Neil Hill and Kris Githen in 2013
Physique Elite Transformation specialist certified by Neil Hill and Kris Gethin in 2013.

Inba Hanba
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Experience: 5 Years
Specializes in: Inba Hanba is a transformation specialist. His key strengths include fat loss, strength gain and muscle gain. In his career spanning over five years, he has traind over 80 clients and has helped them achieve dramatic results.
Award Winner Men's Physic competitor 2015
National Level Hocky Player
Marathon Runner.

A.K. Rari

Experience: 25 Years
Specialized: A.K Rari is a rare breed of individuals in the Indian Bodybuilding Arena, with extensive experience training and transforming clients, he specializes in body transformation, bodybuilding, physique toning, fat loss, strength training and muscle gain. Rari has trained over 500 clients over the past 25 years spanning his career.
Rari's championships (Mr. India in 1996,1997,1998,1999,2000),
12 times Railways champion in Body Building.

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